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Start Saving $$ NOW for Winter Foods...

Posted on by Ann Huntley

Hi Folks,

We'd like to take a moment to share with you an idea for eating well this year.  We're challenging our customers to start thinking about saving money NOW for fall and winter eating.  There is something SO PRIMALLY SATISFYING about having a freezer full of food in the fall, a pantry full of canned goods and knowing that if hurricanes come, someone is laid off, or you just want to eat better and more from scratch, you CAN do it from the stores in your home.  This concept is nothing new.  In fact, until about two generations ago, this is how EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE always ate.  There was no "super-market" to visit.  You grew a garden, preserved what you could, hunted and/or purchased meat in the fall and ate from your larder all winter until Spring rolled around and you started all over again.

We'd like our customers and friends to RECONNECT WITH THE CYCLES OF THE SEASONS and eat better foods this year.  That means growing you own garden this summer if you'd like or visit us at the Wolfville Farmers' Market and then SIGN-UP for our FALL CSA PROGRAM so you can enjoy whole  seasonal foods all fall until Christmastime.  We will also have FREE RANGE CHICKENS and PASTURED PORK for sale in the fall, as well as BULK VEGGIES for your larders in the late fall/early winter and  an extensive selection of CANNED, FROZEN AND FERMENTED FOODS.  We want to help you reconnect with the seasons and your primal sense of security by helping you to fill your pantry and your freezer!

To do this, you need to START SAVING MONEY NOW to be able to buy in bulk (cheaper and easier) in the fall.  Here's what a sample budget might look like, assuming you already have a chest freezer to store foods in.  If you don't have one, we're working on getting a GROUP DISCOUNT ON CHEST FREEZERS from a Local Supplier this fall.  Our advise on purchasing a chest freezer is to buy as big as you can afford and house, you'll thank us later!


  • 1 x MOON TIDE FARM CSA SHARE = $425 (with admin. fee)
  • 12 x 5lb Free Range Chickens @ $4.25/lb = $250
  • 1 x Side of Pastured Pork @ $4.00/lb = $500
  • 12 x Local Fruit & Honey Jams @ $5 ea = $60
  • 12 x Assorted Canned Items @ $5 ea = $60
  • 12 x Assorted Fermented Foods @ $5 ea = $60
  • 24 x Frozen Veggies (12 Broccoli, 12 Cauliflower) @ $4 ea = $96
  • 24 x Frozen Fruits (Cranberries, Blueberries, etc.) @  $5 ea = $120
  • Bulk Veggies (100lbs potatoes, 50 lbs carrots, 25 lbs cabbage, 25 lbs turnip, etc.) @ $1/lb = $ 200

GRAND TOTAL = $1771 (Let's say $1800)


The Moon Tide Farm CSA Share can be purchased ANYTIME until LABOUR DAY WEEKEND. 


If you were to purchase the rest of these food items in October sometime, it means you need to fill the (literal) piggy bank with approximately $100/week STARTING TODAY (June 1st) to have the money ready to be able to purchase all of this food.  We think this is a DEAL for real food, scratch cooking, and healthy living as well as the security of having all that food in your home for two if not three seasons!  We are also interested in helping our customers source other bulk pantry items like flours, nuts and the like and will offer BULK FOOD BUYING OPORTUNITIES to our CSA members this fall as well. 

Have a think about this.  That's a LOT OF SEASONAL, HEALTHY FOOD and a way for you to RECONNECT WITH THE SEASONS!

If you have feedback for us, we'd LOVE to hear it.  If you want creative ways to save for your fall purchases, please let us know, we'd be happy to help!

Thank-you for your support of our family farm and we hope to share our food with you this fall!

 - Joel & Ann Huntley

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