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My Favourite Cabbage

Posted on by Ann Huntley

So we're harvesting my favourite cabbage right now at Moon Tide Farm.  Like many of our customers, I like cabbage for all sorts of things:  soups, stuffed rolls, casseroles and salads.  At this time of year, the winter cabbages are in the ground sizing up and getting ready for my favourite cabbage roll casserole so what's a girl to do?  SUMMER CABBAGES!  We grow a hybrid variety called Tiara from William Dam Seeds in Ontario and we lovingly called it lettage because it tastes like a cross between lettuce and cabbage, it's SO light and fluffy.  Tiara is a summer savoy, technically, but we like it for summer salads.  I make "coleslaw" pretty much every day with it and it is the kitchen sink of salads.  Recipe below...

Our CSA is in full swing and we're starting to see folks sign-up in earnest now.  Only two more weeks until we start (or less) and we'd love to help you get into a good fall routine!  If you've been thinking about it and have more questions, please let us know.  We've planted this year to give maximum variety in the fall (as much as the season will allow) and hope to have green items in each box through the season.  We're fermenting kimchee and freezing basil in organic olive oil this week and zucchini relish is on the go!  We're preserving the harvest for you and you'll be getting little jewels each week in your boxes, in addition to your staple veggies.  Customers think $20/wk for such great produce is a deal and of course you have the opportunity to order more each week, too!  Try our free range chicken or another bunch of carrots, they're THAT GOOD!

We're also up for hearing about your mid-week drop point idea or workplace eat-healthy challenges, too!  Let us know how we can help...



And here's the farm salad of the week:

"COLESLAW" from Moon Tide Farm

1/2 Tiara Cabbage, cut in half again and remove cores, cut half again (4pcs per 1/2 cabbage) and pretend you're julienning the cabbage - very fine chopping against the grain.

3-4 carrots, grated

1/2 onion - any colour, minced

Optional Additions:  Fresh beans, peas, broccoli florets, dried cranberries, raisins, sunflower or flax seeds, nuts - you get the idea. 

Dressing : ~2/3c of mayonnaise (or mix with plain yogourt), 2T dijon mustard, 1T lemon juice, 1T maple syrup, 1/4t sea salt, 1/8t pepper, parsley, or whatever else you have handy.  I ran out of both mayo and yogourt yesterday so it got a squirt of ranch dressing. 

Make do, use up what you have, taste it and eat.  ENJOY folks!


Thanks for your support of our family farm!

Ann (and Joel & Gracie)


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