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CSA Sign-Ups are ON!

Posted on by Ann Huntley

So we're going to start blogging regularly to keep you all up to date with what is going on here in Scots Bay at Moon Tide Farm.

It is mid-August and we've opened up our FALL 2015 CSA Program for registrations!  REGISTER NOW, if you haven't already, spots are filling up...

New this year, we're working with Harvest Hand, a locally owned and operated software & logistics company built for CSA farms and supported by us and our members.  We're so lucky to have such great help literally build a new program to help us farmers keep organized and keep all of our customers' requests, weekly veggie box add ons and other notes in order and on-task.  Thanks Harvest Hand!

We're really excited about our new format of CSA model and hoping that it will help us and our young family cope with the work of farming and marketing at the same time.  We have been able to focus on better crop production (there are still lots of weeds, folks) and build some much-needed infrastructure into our farm and our lives.

We're almost complete with our roadside FARM STAND and are pretty excited to get that up and going.  Our crops are just starting to come on now  - we planned it that way to fill our CSA boxes this year - and we'll soon be off to sell our foods at the WOLFVILLE FARMER'S MARKET on Saturday Mornings - see you there!

Our daughter Gracie is now 1.5 yrs old and helps Mummy collect eggs in the mornings and is SOOO patient in the fields when we have work to do.  Ann is usually home with her full time and works for the farm part time and Joel is the full time (plus) farmer.  We also have some part time help this year:  a local young man helps Joel two days a week and is willing to do whatever work needs to be done (we're so thankful) and a young woman also helps Ann with the pickling, canning and fermenting that we've been doing as the season progresses and we're capturing the very best to be able to bring to you later in the year.  Whew!

We're always busy and farming for us is an exercise in time/project/energy management except we have living things in our care and chores that begin and round out our days.  New for us this year are our three pigs and two heifers and we have a couple of dairy goats, laying hens, free range chicken and a draft horse.  It's fun and we love the lifestyle but MAN! it's a lot of work!

Thanks for your support and interest in Moon Tide Farm and we hope to see you signing up for our CSA or stop by our booth at the Farmer's Market soon - we'll be there! 

August, 2015