Moon Tide Farm / CHICKEN


Our certified free range, truly pasture-raised chickens are licensed by Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia (CFNS).  They are raised on lots of clover and other green forages on our land, surplus produce from the farm and a locally-sourced protein-rich feed ration.  They are raised without antibiotics, animal by-products or other weird and wrong stuff.  We like doing things the right way and our customers agree! 

Joel makes an enormous effort to raise our chickens on pasture, moving the chickens daily and "forcing" them to eat green vegetation before feeding them their rations in the morning and evening.  We feel it is a better product for all and the health of our livestock and the farm and better for it, we think. 

Our Free Range Chicken is processed at a provincially-inspected facility and are immediately frozen to retain their freshness.  They remain whole chickens and are sold by the pound from the farm, at the farm market, to our CSA members and our wholesale customers.  We can accommodate special requests with notice, as we start new batches two weeks apart from May until August.  Chickens are ready for purchase from late June until October at a cost of $4.25/lb retail at this time (subject to change).

If you'd like to try our Free Range Chicken and see what all the fuss is about, please stop by our Farm Stand (or the house) in Scots Bay - year round, our booth at the Wolfville Farmers' Market - in season, or ask about bulk purchases or wholesale by CONTACTING US at your convenience.

We look forward to giving your family or customers that "old fashioned" chicken taste, like chicken should!